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Welcome to my coaching practice, MJB Coaching.

  • Are you looking to make real change in your life?
  • Are you struggling with a difficult situation where a life coach could offer professional guidance?
  • Would you like things to be less of an effort?
  • Could you benefit from a dedicated career coach?
  • Does your organisation or its employees need specialist business coach or HR consultant support to increase its productivity and effectiveness?

My name is Martin Bennett and, through MJB Coaching, I provide a range of coaching services which include Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Business Coaching. I also offer an HR Consultancy service to SME companies. For more information about my background and motivations, please visit the About Me page.

My approach to coaching is adapted and developed so that your needs and circumstances are taken into account. This outlook allows me to help you with personal and professional change and evolution in a collaborative manner. My support is provided in a way that will align with both your own interests and values.

Achieving Goals and Potential

I aim to guide and motivate so that you do not feel that you are facing your challenges alone. Through us working together, you will clarify goals, identify strengths and overcome barriers so that you realise your full potential.

Each separate area of coaching certainly has its own specific set of challenges. However, in each case, I make use of the skills and techniques that I learned through training with the world leader in the field, Curly Martin.

I live in the Sheffield area, and I will work closely with you either by telephone, Skype or face to face. Working across the UK and worldwide, I will enable you to make progress, achieve results and lead a fulfilling and successful life.

…I was stuck in a rut for a number of months…, and unable to move forward with my plans. (The) sessions gave me the clarity that I needed to plan the way forward, and start to move toward the life I want for myself…READ MORE

…Martin really goes that extra mile with his clients. He listens and notices every detail…, and helps you to work out a tailored plan to suit your individual needs. It’s an eye-opening experience. Working with Martin on a journey of discovery made that process a pleasure…READ MORE

“There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning.” (Author: Roy Bennett)

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