Employees, managers, directors and board members can all benefit from structured and perceptive coaching. Survey research has shown that Business Coaching can increase performance and customer service levels. It can also lead to reduced costs, increased employee retention and greater profitability.

The following list highlights some of the issues that can arise during Business Coaching.

  • Getting a grip on priorities and the effective use of time
  • Working through self-imposed restraints
  • Becoming proactive and getting out of a crisis mode
  • Increasing the ability to speak more effectively in group settings
  • Repairing broken working relationships
  • Designing a difficult conversation
  • Being a more effective manager
  • Becoming a better listener
  • Clarifying expectations between team members and with management
  • Staying focused and relaxed while managing a large project

My background in HR Management uniquely places me to understand both organisational and employee drivers, and it gives me insight into those issues which create a coaching need.

For example; employees who resist change, or who become distracted from their main focus, are less likely to work towards organisational goals. If an employee is struggling in a new, important role, structured assistance may also be beneficial. As a business coach, I will support and address these concerns.

Business Coaching – Confidence and Positive Change


I develop confidence in your employees so that they can deal with different challenges. Working with them so that they begin to view change positively, I may also discuss other issues in their lives as these are often linked to how an employee performs at work.

Coaching could lead an employee to pursue a path which fits more closely with their own personal ambitions. This may mean they leave your organisation but this would benefit both the employee and your business in the long-term. The employee follows their goals; it provides an opportunity for the organisation to recruit a better fit for its own needs.

An employee who stays with your business will give more towards its success after the coaching process ends. The same degree of positive change is unlikely to happen unless the coach identifies the employee’s underlying drive and inspiration.

In general, Business Coaching creates a confidential environment which supports managers to discuss performance and skills issues. It also works well in tandem with Health and Wellbeing and stress management programmes.

…We…introduced coaching for our staff, delivered by Martin. This was to help people develop within the business, and it has been a great success. Martin identifies quickly what your challenges are and what you want to achieve. He then works with employees to steer them towards a company focused approach. It has been useful to have a fresh perspective which identifies where staff need more proactive management and development…READ MORE

…Martin undertook a very useful and important piece of work for our organisation. This involved coaching/mentoring…Deputy Managers within the Service. It was undertaken in a very timely manner and helped address a number of important issues identified by the organisation and these members of staff…READ MORE

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