I contacted Martin as I felt I was stuck in a rut with certain aspects of my life. I spoke with Martin face to face, which I highly recommend to do if possible, about how I could overcome these problems. Martin helped me to realise what I actually want to achieve both with work and other aspects of my life. I now feel I have clear objectives and plans to achieve what I want to do.

Ryan Harrison, Sheffield – 2018

I finished this coaching in a way better position than I ever hoped for. With at least 4 strong opportunities to pursue and the knowledge and strength to consider and weigh them all. I am confident that this process has worked beyond expectations.

The whole process led to a much better outcome than I ever expected or even hoped for.
Extremely thorough process and one that I found challenging, rewarding and necessary.

Dominic Watts, Sheffield – 2018

I enjoyed the (Boost Your Confidence) workshop. I could be myself and be open and honest. It was very relaxing and provided excellent advice which I feel I can use to help me become more confident and reach my goals in the future.

Samantha Fathers, Dronfield – 2018

It was a pleasure working with Martin, I really benefitted from the sessions. I enjoyed the sessions and it was good talking to Martin about problems and difficulties in life here in the UK. I would recommend Martin as a life coach to everyone who is in a difficult sitution or need some help to find the right way. Thank you very much for your help Martin.

Mareike Wimmer, Worksop – 2018

Working with Martin has been incredibly beneficial in helping me consider my future career options.  His impartial viewpoint made me reevaluate my career to date and really think about where I wanted to go next.  Having dedicated time set aside solely to focus on my career and being asked questions I hadn’t even thought of ensured that I was in the best place to make the decisions that were right for me.  I would highly recommend Martin to anyone stuck in a rut or at a crossroad in their life!

Victoria Snowball, Barnsley – 2018

Absolutely brilliant service and advice! Really helped me get my life back on track. He’s always professional and organised too.

Andrew Gillespie, Rotherham – 2018

Martin really helped me understand my core motivations, gain focus in my career search and put structure to start planning my next move. I would highly recommend Martin if you need someone to help you rein in a busy mind!

Patrick Richmond, Worksop – 2017

I contacted Martin just after a company re-structure at work as I felt a bit overwhelmed in my new role. He listened carefully, helped me to look forwards rather than backwards, and gave me some practical support and advice. I am feeling much happier and more confident at work now and enjoying it a lot.

Claire F,  Sheffield – 2017

My life was at a crossroads. Being in my late 50s, I was at a stage where I wanted to pursue a dream. I’ve always enjoyed cartooning and I wanted to see what I could achieve with this.

I contacted Martin who responded very quickly. We have had 12 sessions; some were done by Skype and some face to face; either in Sheffield or in my home.

Martin has helped me to look at how I can structure my day. I’ve learnt a lot about how to use the internet. He has helped to keep me focussed on my dream.

Also, he has looked at my life in general, such as weight loss. I have now lost over half a stone from his suggestion. He also looked at the role my subconscious plays in my life, especially being in a creative business.

Although my current block of sessions has come to a natural end, I am looking at booking more sessions with Martin later in the year for the next stage in my growth.

Christopher Trend, Retford – 2017

The coaching that I had with Martin was an incredibly helpful experience with positive results. Our sessions introduced me to a host of new ideas and concepts to help my new business get started. They also helped me to work upon and improve my organisation skills, and also prioritise while studying for my exam.

Martin’s patient, supportive and above all friendly attitude benefited me greatly. I would heartily recommend his services to anyone in need of business or life coaching.

Samuel Wanjau, Macclesfield – 2016

I was stuck in a rut for a number of months before I started my work with Martin, and unable to move forward with my plans. His sessions gave me the clarity that I needed to plan the way forward, and start to move toward the life I want for myself. I am now well on the way to the career I have always dreamed about.

RM,  Sheffield – 2016

Martin really goes that extra mile with his clients. He not only gleans an in-depth picture of what you want to achieve in your future, but also employs various ‘detective work’ strategies to helpfully tap into other areas that might be holding you back. He listens and notices every detail, works with this information to bring out the best in you, and helps you to work out a tailored plan to suit your individual needs.

It’s an eye-opening experience. I recommend it to everyone at least once in their career to have a life coach. Working with Martin on a journey of discovery made that process a pleasure.

You will end up in a very different place than when you started, and all for the better! I wish I had done it years ago! Highly recommended.

Kathryn S,  Sheffield – 2016

I chose life coaching at a time where I wanted to leave my job as a manager in order to pursue a more rewarding career in a different sector. Although I had successfully moved into a temporary transitional position, I was facing a confusing array of options and opportunities. I felt I needed help in order to clarify my own thoughts to make the most of the opportunity that I had created. I also needed support in assessing various ideas and their suitability.

Initially, Martin helped me to shortlist areas of interest by drilling down to the aspects of work that I find appealing. This cross-referenced with a more detailed analysis of my skills and experience. From there, I was able to create a shortlist of careers and a clear action plan for gaining the requirements and becoming a more valid candidate. Martin challenged me when I reverted to old patterns of thought, and this helped me to stay on track.

I also found managing my own workload difficult, as I was balancing various responsibilities in my professional and personal life. As well as a much-needed sympathetic ear, Martin provided clarity and assisted me in prioritising and planning to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed.

I also gained assistance in understanding how to make my CV an effective sales document, adapted for different roles. This was invaluable in re-branding my experience to transfer my skills to different person specifications in my desired sector.

As a result of my coaching sessions, I am now confident in my choice to change careers. I have also significantly increased my employability. Various positions have been offered to me, and I have developed a clearer way of assessing pros and cons of different scenarios, as well as challenging my own assumptions. The opportunity to discuss ideas with someone impartial and focused allowed me to explore options in a much more valuable and conclusive way.

Martin fully engages and is supportive, whilst also challenging and moving the sessions forward in a positive and progressive way. He adapted sessions, follow ups and communication to suit my needs, and he was very clearly determined to see me reach my goals.

I would recommend life coaching to anyone wanting to strategise about any aspect of their life and make positive steps forward.

Cathy G, Sheffield – 2016

Thank you so much for the lovely meeting today. You’re really gifted at what you do.

By text – 2016

I was struggling with a new move to a new job. I wasn’t sure if this was the right move. After a few sessions at MJB, I felt empowered within myself to seek the goals that best suited my needs. This is a highly recommended coaching service which will bring your needs to the forefront of your decision-making. It will ultimately set you on the right path for success.

Gavin M, Sydney, Australia – 2016

Martin coached me for six sessions in all and found them to be very useful.

Martin supported me in exploring different areas of my life in which I felt a bit stuck and, as a result of the work we did, I can gladly say I have moved forward and I am still employing some of the techniques I learnt through my coaching sessions with Martin. Fruitful work.

IS, Rotherham – 2016


We contacted Martin to help our company to set up contracts and policies when setting on new employees. This followed the Company hitting a growth spurt as a result of successfully winning new business.

Outsourcing the HR requirements for new and existing employees enabled FWD to restructure the business. At the same time, it allowed the Directors to concentrate on the Company and project work whilst coping with increased workloads, maintaining service levels and keeping business that we had won.

Throughout the restructure, we were given sound advice which helped the process to run smoothly. Martin also assisted us with difficult consultation meetings, and was a great sounding board for our questions and ideas.

I would strongly recommend using MJB Coaching to handle HR matters which will allow you to concentrate and focus on your business and clients to secure contracts at a time of growth. Possessing an expert in the field highlighted potential flaws within our existing contracts and allowed us to bring FWD’s employment policies up to speed at the same time.

Once the restructure was complete, we continued working with Martin to help us with staff development. We introduced performance management in our staff appraisals. Martin sat in and advised on proper measures to take.

We also introduced coaching for our staff, delivered by Martin. This was to help people develop within the business, and it has been a great success. Martin identifies quickly what your challenges are and what you want to achieve. He then works with employees to steer them towards a company focused approach. It has been useful to have a fresh perspective which identifies where staff need more proactive management and development.

Mike Priestley, Director, Fwd Motion – 2017

Martin undertook a very useful and important piece of work for our organisation. This involved coaching/mentoring a number of Deputy Managers within the Service. It was undertaken in a very timely manner and helped address a number of important issues identified by the organisation and these members of staff.

Ian H,  Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust – 2016

Martin provides comprehensive HR advice. He is a strong, steady support during difficult situations.

Charlotte Sweeney, Head of the Office of the Science Directorate, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London – 2016


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